Enhanced Profiles (Yelp and Trip Advisor)

All businesses can benefit from Yelp and Trip Advisor, and their results will significantly increase if they have a and Enhanced profile.

What is a Yelp and Trip Advisor Enhanced Profile?

An enhanced profile will represent your brand in its best light, with features that include an expanded “About Us” page as well as the ability to block competitor ads. You’ll also be able to add a “Call to Action” offer, a dynamic photo slideshow, video, and much more. To understand the value of the enhanced profile, you should understand what the basic profile includes.

Basic Yelp and Trip Advisor Profile

With the Basic Yelp and Trip Advisor profile, that’s what you get – the basic (limited) features. You can:

  • Add images
  • Respond to customer reviews
  • Respond to questions
  • Add and revise business information including payment types, address information and hours of operation.

Because it’s free, Yelp and Trip Advisor basic profile is the most popular. That said, if you want to be able to optimize your listing to achieve improved customer engagement and rankings, you’ll need to step up to one of the enhanced profiles.

Enhanced Yelp and Trip Advisor Profile

The Yelp and Trip Advisor Enhanced profile has all the features of the basic profile and so much more. Plus you have the ability to remove competitive ads. This is a big deal because competitor ads give visitors a chance to click away from your listing and navigate to your competitors before they even take the time to check out your profile.

This Yelp and Trip Advisor profile option has all of the features provided with the Basic profile plus the following advanced features.

  • Multiple Logins
  • Agency access
  • Enhanced reporting abilities
  • Customized user access
  • A dedicated support manager
  • Continuous location data verification
  • Performance metric reporting by location
  • Ability to remove or merge duplicate profiles
  • Aggregated reporting covering multiple locations
  • Individual, regional or master location access
  • Bulk claiming locations
  • A centralized dashboard for multi-location management
  • Single location and bulk update
  • Video and photo slideshow features that let you add a promotional video or images in any preferred order
  • “From the Business” information that allows businesses to present information regarding their business and areas of expertise
  • A “Call to Action” feature allowing you to drive a specified action. Using this feature can increase traffic and leads by approximately 50%, making it well worth the cost of upgrading to a Yelp Enhanced profile page.

With the Yelp and Trip Advisor Enhanced profile, the returns far outweigh the costs. The main reason for businesses to use Yelp is to generate business. Having competing ads on your page will deliver the opposite results.

Why Yelp and Trip Advisor Enhanced Profiles are so Important

Businesses that upgrade to a Yelp and Trip Advisor Enhanced profile significantly increase their ability to rank higher, engage consumers and convert their target audience. Here are just a few of the reasons why Yelp and Trip Advisor Enhanced profiles are so important.

  • By restricting competitor’s ads on your profile, you’ll keep visitors on your profile page instead of distracting them with ads that take them away.
  • You’ll have access to a professionally trained, dedicated support manager that will be an important part of your marketing team.
  • With the enhanced slideshow, you can organize photos in any way you like, starting it at a particular photo, then cycling through the others. This is an eye-catching feature and people are extremely visual.
  • Yelp’s “Call to Action” (CTA) feature provides businesses with the opportunity to include a CTA on their Yelp Branded or Yelp Enhanced profile. Businesses will be able to send visitors who click on their CTA to an order form, a coupon, to have them schedule an appointment, get a quote, etc.
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