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3 Easy Content Marketing Ideas to Implement while on temporary lock down from the corona virus.

We all know how time consuming that content marketing can be to do yourself, or how expensive it can be to outsource it to a third party, who may or may not understand your brand voice. Now is a great time to lay your foundation as this can help you later down the road showing examples of your voice for an employee or agency to run with where you left off.

  1. Blog-Simply write about your experiences and what you would be teaching or training someone on if they were in your store, studio, office, or gym. Write about your passions and those whom influence why you do what you do for business.

  2. Videos-Promoting your business has long been a trend that is more vital now that ever. Similar to how you once could get by with out social media, you once could get by with our video. Now however, you need to have a solid video marketing gameplan in order to remain relevant. A simple approach is to speak about the items on your website, discuss the features and benefits or your product or services, as well as providing tutorials on best practices for your customers to implement into their daily lives.

  3. Social Media-Do you still not have a consistant social media strategy? If you are not posting 3-5 times a week, now is a great time to get started. First take advantage of a free tool like Buffer, Sprout, or Hootsuite to hlep you organize your assets and content. Then get to posting your website pages, blog posts, and videos. You will be greatful you did.

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