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Consider working less to get more accomplished

Seriously, if the global pandemic has taught us anything about time its that we need to slow down, knock out specific items and move on to the next. In my 20's and 30's I had the ideology that the more I worked the more success I would have but it really just lead to more stress and more trips to the bar, which in turn actually made me accomplish less in the long run.

You may have heard of Parkinson’s law: “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.” But is it true in practice? Can people actually get everything done when they have less time to do it?

We believe so, and we found this great piece from one of our more inspirational feeds on written by Dr Todd Snyder That supports our thoughts exactly.


To Get More Done, Work Less

The counter intuitive magic of putting time limits on your tasks

For most of my working life, I lived by the principle I’d absorbed as a child, one I heard often both at home and at school: If you want to succeed, then put in more time. Long after my co-workers had gone home, I’d still be toiling away at my desk, convinced I was proving my value.

But when I eventually became a psychologist and started looking into the work habits of hundreds of entrepreneurs, I noticed something strange: The most successful people seemed to spend the fewest hours working. They’d spend a lot of time thinking about business strategies, sure, but they didn’t seem to value the 12-hour workdays or seven-day workweeks that hustle culture has long glorified. Instead, they’d use their extra time to pursue hobbies, spend time with their families, or simply let their minds wander. They were able to decouple time from results.


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