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Developing your Target Audience for Digital Business Development

Before you start any other marketing activities, you must know specific details about your target market. Have you developed personas for your business? If not, establish a persona, or a written description of the ideal client for your business.

CREATING YOUR PERSONAS. For this example we will use Yoga Studios, but this is applicable for all industries.

A persona includes components like age, gender, location, income, interests, values and challenges. Personas should answer questions like:

How old is your ideal student?

Is your ideal client a man or a woman, or both genders?

Where do they work?

What do they do for fun?

What neighborhood do they live in?

What are their goals for doing yoga?

What could be preventing them from joining your studio?

How much money are they willing to spend on yoga?

Start with your current students by asking them why they chose your studio. It's important to be as specific as possible when asking questions to develop your persona. You may hear responses such as cost or teachers but dive deeper to find the true driving factor.

Cost: why was this so important?

Teaching quality: what exactly do they like about your teachers?

Availability: why do the hours of operation work for them?

Location: how far would they be willing to drive to get to your studio?

Meets needs: what specific needs?

You will likely need multiple personas if you offer a wide range of programs. A studio that offers sculpt, beginners classes, hot yoga, yoga for athletes, power yoga and Hatha classes, for example, should develop several different personas to reach the prospective target students for each type of class. Don’t forget to give each of these personas a unique name (ex: Sculpt Samantha or Hot Yoga Holly).

Once these are created, you can tailor your marketing campaigns with unique messaging to reach each of your target students.

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